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We at Xtreme Laundry are professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning business, taking Extreme care of each fabric wether it is your Shirt, Suit, Wedding dress, Bed linens, or Staff Uniform.

With stores spread across the city, we provide all around Laundry servces for Individuals and Enterprises who demand high-end Laundry services. We are passionate about changing the way you think about laundry.

Wash, Dry & Fold Service

The Right Care Your Waredrobe Deserves

We are committed to delivering professional dry cleaning service to keeping all your apparel clean and as good as new. With our state of the art machinery and professional staff, we are able to provide high quality dry cleaning service to our long time customers of over 8 years.

We take individual care of each of your machine washable laundry items – clothing, traditional wear, linens, blankets, comforters – you name it! Whites and colors are separately washed and returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded and hung on hangers.

We use clear bleach for whites. We use custom detergent, an in-wash detergent booster and downy fabric softener resulting in free and clear dryer sheets.

Enterprise Dry Cleaning Services For Hotels & Resorts

For Staff Uniforms, Bed Linons, Towels, Curtains

Hygiene is a critical part of work environment especially in the Hospitality industry such as hotels and resorts where it directly affects the impression and comfort of the customer. The saysing "Dress to impress" also applies to your staff from the guard to the waiters, and kitchen crew to the table cloth and curtains on the wall.

We provide a reliable laundry service to hotels, resorts and factories from staff uniform to bed linens, bed comfort, towels and more
On-time, Every Time.

Trusted By the Best in their industry

For Cloths that Require Special Care

Wedding Dress, Traditional Cloths, Suede and Leather

Your special occasion waredrobe holds a valued memory and requires special care from Ethiopian Traditional Wear Fabrics, to Suits, Leather, Silk and Suede and more.

We take special care from steaming to removing stains, pen ink and other damages so that your special occasion cloths stay as graceful as the memories they hold.

Express + Delivery

Faster & at Your Door Steps

Besides our Enterprise customers we provide on-demand pick-up and delivery service to our individual customers.

Our door-to-door delivery service adds even more convenience especially for cabin crew and professionals that require their cloth on-time hassel free. Delivered in 24 hours, by the time you take off today’s Uniform your washed and ironed cloth is at your door steps. Our multiple-rounds delivering through the city allows for a flexible delivery time to suit your arrival.

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